About the company

REAG is an international group of companies specializing in renewable energy sources.

REAG builds and operates the appropriate facilities for the production of renewable energy through its subsidiary companies (with a focus on the Eastern European region). This group of companies is controlled by the parent company, based in Switzerland.

Main investment objectives include

the degassing of SDW landfills

photovoltaic outdoor units

wind power plants and

hydraulic power plants

to produce green electricity with these units and apply power from the public networks.

From the standpoint of an investor in the field of renewable energy, REAG is thus pursuing the technological risk diversification as well as the strategy in which the dependence on the promotion of certain technologies is avoided.

Moreover, the investment in different energy carriers makes it possible to use different technologies at the same location, thus making basic investments in the current supply infrastructure more profitable.

Through their activities in various countries of Eastern Europe, investments can be selected taking account of the most favorable conditions, reducing the country and location risk.

With its facilities which are already in the network and the planned and partly started further investments, the goal of REAG lies in an annual production of approx. 300.000 MWh, which is equal to the supply of approx. 100.000 households.